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“Selecting a contractor to build our dream home was a daunting task. Why? We know too much. My wife and I have a combined 60 years of experience in real estate sales, development and construction. We have built about 13 homes for ourselves and have been involved at some level in the construction of over 3,000 homes in total.

Our experience taught us we wanted “hands on” involvement from our contractor. We did not want a “suit and tie” to sign us up and then delegate the job to a superintendent. We wanted our builder, and in the case of Carey and Tammy Elam, our team, on the job every day. We also wanted experience, tested over time by discriminating buyers. We got all that we wanted and more with House & Home.

Carey and Tammy are absolutely the best contractor/design team we have ever encountered. Their commitment to excellence, attention to detail and service to the customer is unsurpassed. We did not think folks offering the level of service they perform still existed in our industry. Although House & Home remains on the leading edge of industry trends, it was a pleasant surprise for us to discover they still conduct their business the old fashioned way.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure we recommend House and Home to any prospective homeowner who is seeking the services of a contractor/design team. Carey and Tammy will assist you in constructing/designing the home you want and no detail is too small or too complicated for them to undertake. Moreover, Carey and Tammy possess an integrity that is best exemplified by the manner in which they continue to serve you even after the job is completed. Their rare combination of talent, knowledge, experience, common sense, enthusiasm, and a work ethic second to none yield results that are simply outstanding.”

Bob & Jennifer Rowe | Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

“House & Home provided excellent suggestions and ultimately added significant value to our home. Their work was efficient and exceedingly professional in every respect.”

Peter & Gerry Blackwood | The Plantation, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

“I’ve been a real estate developer for 40 years and have developed and built many projects. House & Home is not only very professional, but they are quality builders and renovators. House & Home is comprised of great people who are willing to do whatever it takes. They have exceeded our greatest expectations.”

Howard and Zena Hodor | The Plantation, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.